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The Problem

Buyers and sellers don’t trust each other to trade privately. So both use a car dealer. A dealer’s high overhead costs mean that the seller gets a very low price for his car. Whilst the buyer then pays an above market price to purchase that same car. Both the buyer and seller lose out financially.


The Solution

A marketplace where buyers and sellers can directly trade with each other — and still be better off financially.
A no hassle sale process for the seller. Car is guaranteed to be sold within 30 days at a pre-agreed minimum price or higher.
A no hassle buying process for the buyer. The car is thoroughly inspected by an expert, with a full refund if you don’t like it.



Just Leave It To Us
We will handle all the techie computer stuff.
Guaranteed Sale within 30 days
If we don't find a buyer, we will buy it.
Multiple Channel Marketing
We will also advertise your car on AutoTrader for FREE.
Keep Driving
We won't collect your vehicle until it is sold.
Skip the Paperwork
Carbaya takes care of all the paperwork, so you don't have to.


The Comfort of Your Home
No salesmen. No hassle. Just great cars, online.
Carbaya Certified Cars
All Carbaya cars pass a 2 hour, 240-point inspection and road test.
Carbaya Delivery
Straight to your driveway.
Carbaya Warranty
Every Carbaya car comes with a free 3-month / 3,000-mile warranty.
10 days to Fall in Love
If romance doesn't blossom, we'll come pick her up, for a full (yes, 100%) refund.

Our Mission

We want to restore confidence and trust back into the used car buying industry. For decades, buyers and sellers of used cars have had to operate in an extremely inefficient market. This has resulted in millions of people not getting value for their money or their car.